Introducing ZWCAD 2025: Create Amazing Things

ZWSOFT, a reliable all-in-one CAx solutions provider, has unveiled the latest version of its powerful 2D CAD solution, ZWCAD 2025. This new release marks a significant milestone in the evolution of CAD tools, blending reliability, stability, and powerful new features to cater to both 2D and 3D design needs.

Elaine Zhu, the Go-to-Market Manager of ZWCAD, highlighted the company’s dedication to advancing their software. “We are committed to creating not only a reliable and stable 2D CAD tool in the market, but also a tool that offers powerful 3D viewing and basic 3D modeling capabilities, and is more intelligent and collaborative,” Zhu explained.

She added, “In ZWCAD 2025, we’ve not only refined our 2D functions but have also introduced significant upgrades in 3D capabilities, the user interface, and industry-specific modules. We’re confident that these enhancements can enhance the overall user experience and meet the varied needs of our customers.”

Now, let’s dive into the key new features and enhancements in ZWCAD 2025!

Enhanced Efficiency

One of the most significant improvements in ZWCAD 2025 is its efficiency in handling complex 3D models. Users can now open, pan, and zoom through intricate designs faster and more smoothly. Benchmark tests indicate a 62.8% increase in the efficiency of opening 3D models and a 34.4% improvement in viewing them compared to ZWCAD 2024. This enhancement promises a seamless experience even when dealing with complex projects.

New Visual Styles

ZWCAD 2025 introduces four new visual styles for 3D models: Conceptual, Realistic, Shade of Grey, and X-ray. Alongside the improved display quality of existing styles, these additions ensure that designers can present their work exactly as intended, catering to various visualization needs.

Figure 1. New Visual Styles

STEP File Import

The ability to import STEP files directly, including AP203 and AP214 versions, is another major upgrade in ZWCAD 2025. This feature streamlines collaboration by eliminating the need for format conversions and allows users to specify insert locations, import methods, and display settings, thus simplifying workflows and enhancing productivity.

3D Gizmos

The inclusion of three 3D gizmos for moving, rotating, and scaling objects along a 3D axis or plane significantly enhances the modeling experience in ZWCAD 2025. Additionally, the new Transform gizmo enables users to switch between move, rotate, and scale functions more conveniently, streamlining the design process.

Figure 2. 3D Gizmos

Ribbon Improvement

The revamped Ribbon interface in ZWCAD 2025 offers greater customization flexibility. Users can slide out, drag, float, and collapse the Ribbon into icons, allowing them to create a workspace that aligns perfectly with their workflow. For those transitioning from AutoCAD® or previous ZWCAD versions, CUIX settings can be seamlessly migrated, ensuring a familiar and efficient environment without the need to start from scratch.

Figure 3. Ribbon Improvement

Panel Improvement

The Panel improvements in ZWCAD 2025 enhance the drawing experience by allowing panels like the Properties Panel, Layer Properties Manager, and more, to be stacked or hidden automatically, providing a larger drawing area. A new panel navigator facilitates easier dragging and docking of panels, enhancing usability.

Floating Drawing Window

ZWCAD 2025 introduces the floating drawing window feature, enabling users to drag drawing windows out of the main program to view multiple drawings simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial for users with multiple monitors, as it avoids the need to switch between tabs or run multiple instances of the program.

Figure 4. Floating Drawing Window

Point Cloud Improvement

New visual styles for point clouds, including Intensity, Elevation, and Classification, along with customizable point cloud colors, offer clearer insights into designs. The Navigate to Scan View function allows easier observation of building interiors, catering to diverse visualization needs.

Figure 5. New visual styles in Point Cloud

GIS Improvement

The GIS capabilities in ZWCAD 2025 have been enhanced with the ability to import more mapping services like Bing Maps, ArcGIS, and services compliant with OGC standards. Users can also match geographic markers with insertion points specified in drawings by latitude and longitude, facilitating more accurate and integrated GIS data usage for better decision-making.

Figure 6. GIS Improvement

ZWCAD 2025 sets a new standard in CAD software, blending enhanced 2D and 3D capabilities with a more intuitive and customizable user interface. These upgrades ensure that ZWCAD 2025 not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its diverse user base, making it an indispensable tool for designers and engineers worldwide.