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Any Project. Anywhere. Any Material.

You can design, analyze, and document structural projects – anywhere in the world, with any material using STAAD. It offers you a flexible solution to cover all your structural engineering needs from the foundation up. STAAD is a comprehensive structural finite element analysis and design application that allows users to perform analysis on any structure exposed to static, dynamic, wind, earthquake, thermal, and moving loads. STAAD comes in different variations so you can choose what’s best for you.


Gain all the essential structural analysis tools in STAAD.Pro, including FEM analysis and physical modeling.

STAAD.Pro Advanced

Everything in STAAD.Pro, plus more advanced and complex analysis.

Structural WorkSuite

Most comprehensive! Includes a variety of interoperable STAAD and RAM software in a single, cost-effective license.

Design with Confidence. Choose STAAD.

“STAAD revolutionized the structural design process years ago, and even today, many years and versions later, it is still the most user-friendly solution and preferred by most designers.”
Vikrant Chaudhary
Tandon Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

STAAD.Pro At-A-Glance


STAAD.Pro is a powerful and integrated finite element analysis and design application that includes visualization capabilities, a simple user interface, and a wide range of design codes. You can analyze any structure exposed to static, dynamic, wind, earthquake, thermal, and moving loads. STAAD.Pro provides structural analysis and design for any type of project, including buildings, culverts, plants, bridges, stadiums, and marine structures.

The standard STAAD.Pro analysis methods provide you with a grounding in the structural and analysis requirements for an array of projects. When more advanced capabilities are required, you can extend to STAAD.Pro Advanced. STAAD.Pro reduces the resource hours required to properly load your structure by automating the forces caused by gravity, wind, earthquakes, snow, or vehicles. STAAD.Pro can easily accommodate your design and loading requirements, including U.S., European, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese codes. With an unparalleled quality-assurance program, open architecture for customization, and a 25-year track record, more design firms are choosing STAAD.Pro.


It is easy to get started. Along with tutorial movies, the application includes online help and dozens of examples to illustrate solutions to commonly raised modeling, analysis, and design issues.In fact, 80% of new users learn to use STAAD.Pro efficiently in under two hours.


Take advantage of steel and concrete design codes from around the world, including a variety of historical versions. The breadth of design codes that are built into the program, both current and historical, makes STAAD.Pro equally comfortable for use on small local jobs as well as large international projects. Other materials can be included in the analysis. Rudimentary design checks are also possible. As a result, the software grows as your business does.


STAAD.Pro is more than an analysis and design application. From simple importing of CAD models to creating custom links and developing third-party applications, STAAD.Pro can be the heart of your structural solution. When integrated with ProjectWise®, your STAAD.Pro models can be efficiently managed with the leading project collaboration system. With iTwin® Analytical Synchronizer integration, STAAD® models become part of an integrated BIM workflow with products such as ProStructures, OpenBuildings® Designer, Revit, and Tekla.


STAAD.Pro development undergoes the most demanding quality and testing programs. Our procedures follow the requirements of 10CFR Part 50 Appendix B, 10CFR Part 21, and ASME NQA-1, which means STAAD.Pro has been approved for use on the design of nuclear power installations.

Physical modeling capabilities enable engineers to improve participation in BIM workflows, automatically generating the analysis models for both simple and complex structural analysis.
Make use of automated routines to rapidly prototype standard models with structural wizards and macros.



STAAD is a comprehensive structural finite element analysis and design application that allow users to perform analysis on any structure exposed to static, dynamic, wind, earthquake, thermal, and moving loads.

Structural engineers must make a variety of difficult decisions every day. To help them perform this advanced work, structural engineers rely on dedicated structural engineering software. This software helps automate extremely time-consuming processes for the structural engineer, including building a digital model, studying the forces acting on the structure, solving the equations and mathematics that predict the structure’s behavior; and ensuring all elements and systems in the structure and have adequate strength and stiffness.

Further, it is important to choose software that will help structural engineers conform to regulatory codes and ensure safety. Structural engineering software helps users save time and ensure accuracy, which is vital when dealing with structure stability and strength.

STAAD is a popular structural analysis application known for advanced analysis, diverse applications of use, interoperability, and time-saving capabilities. STAAD helps structural engineers perform 3D structural analysis and design for both steel and concrete structures. A physical model created in the structural design software can be transformed into an analytical model for structural analysis. Many design code standards are incorporated into STAAD to make sure that the structural design complies with local regulations.

STAAD is available in multiple versions.

STAAD stands for Structural Analysis and Design software.

Structural WorkSuite eliminates concerns about product-by-product license availability by combining individually priced applications into a single bundle. It helps engineers on tight budgets take advantage of comprehensive workflows rather than being stuck with the inefficiencies and limitations of partial workflows. Each Structural WorkSuite user can employ all applications within the software package with no extra fees.

Structural WorkSuite includes: 

  • STAAD.Pro, Advanced Analysis and Advanced Concrete Design (RCDC)
  • STAAD Foundation Advanced
  • RAM Structural System which includes RAM Steel, RAM Frame Steel Design, RAM Concrete, RAM Frame Analysis, and RAM Foundation
  • RAM Concept which includes RAM Concept Post Tension
  • RAM Elements
  • RAM Connection
  • Structural Synchronizer
  • Microstran.Advanced with design code
  • Limcon with design code
  • Revit
  • STAAD Foundation Advanced
  • AutoPIPE
  • RAM Connection
  • RAM Concept
  • RAM Structural System
  • ProStructures
  • SACS
  • RCDC (for concrete design/detailing)
  • MicroStation (basic DXF)
  • Any third-party app using OpenSTAAD
  • 3rd parties developed their own interop:
    • PDMS (AVEVA)
    • SmartPlant (Hexagon)
    • CIS2

Many design code standards are incorporated into STAAD to make sure that the structural design complies with local regulations. Some of these codes include:

  • ASCE 7
  • IBC
  • IS1893
  • IS456
  • IS13920
  • AISC 360
  • ACI 318
  • AISI
  • EN 1992-1-1 (Eurocode 2)
  • EN 1993-1-1 (Eurocode 3)
  • IS800
  • IS801

Intel Pentium or AMD processor 2.0 GHz or greater

Operating System
Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 or 7 32 or 64 bit OS

1 GB minimum, 2 GB recommended. Additional memory potentially improves performance, particularly when working with larger models. 4 GB or more can help speed up solutions for very large complex models with large numbers of load cases.

Disk Space
Requirements will vary depending on the modules you are installing. A typical minimum is 500 MB free space.

Graphics card and monitor with 1280×1024 resolution, 256 color display (16-bit high color recommended.) A sound card and speakers are needed for the tutorial movies and slide shows.

For the most up-to-date system requirements, visit Bentley Communities.


Perpetual License

One-time purchase with SELECT (Annual Maintenance) Option

One-Year Subscription​

License rental for 12 months via Virtuosity