STAAD Advanced Concrete Design

Advanced Concrete Design Software

Robust Concrete Design

Design a variety of concrete elements and conform to international standards.

Take your concrete analysis to a new level with STAAD Advanced Concrete Design (formerly RCDC). Maximize your software investment by combining the power of popular structural analysis applications with robust concrete design.

Meet Global Design Standards

Produce drawings in compliance with India (IS), United Kingdom (GB), Europe (EC), or United States (ACI) design standards.

Design Concrete Elements

Design beams, columns, and walls in an automated and interactive workflow, while maintaining full control by setting individual design parameters.

Produce Detailed Design Drawings

Quickly create detailed design drawings for beam line elevations, column line elevations, automatic cross-section details, and bar termination geometry.


STAAD Advanced Concrete Design takes the design of your concrete structures to the next level. Designed by practicing engineers for practicing engineers, STAAD Advanced Concrete Design adds onto the power of Bentley’s STAAD.Pro® analytical engine with robust concrete design.


With STAAD Advanced Concrete Design, you can design a variety of concrete elements:

  • Columns and walls – Rectangular, circular, L, T, C, and other irregular shapes
  • Beams – Regular and flanged beams
  • Foundations – Pad footings and pile caps
  • Slabs (empirical method)
  • Tank walls and tank slabs (FEM analysis)

Take advantage of the design capabilities to:

  • Optimize and control design by setting carefully considered parameters
  • Manage code compliance and safe design
  • Set preferences for maximum and minimum reinforcing ratios, bar sizes, and bar spacing
  • Perform optional checks like crack-width during the design process and ensure that your final design satisfies all requirements
  • Automate your design process with the highly intuitive algorithm
  • Generate practical rebar arrangements that recognize the continuity of columns and beams
  • Perform manual override and interactive design with powerful, easy-to-use tools
  • Enable corrective action using the cause analysis functionality


You can extend the reach of your business practice and take advantage of global design opportunities by using a wide range of international standards and specifications. With STAAD Advanced Concrete Design, it is easy to design and produce drawings according to global design standards and in compliance with publications from India (IS), United Kingdom (GB), United States (ACI), and Europe (EC), which can include Malaysia, Singapore, and Belgian National Annexes, Philippines (NSCP), and Australia (AS).


When constructing in seismically active regions, additional provisions might need to be made for the effects of such events. With STAAD Advanced Concrete Design, you can ensure that your designs account for these provisions by generating seismic loads in the analysis according to the relevant building code and include the details for seismic force-resisting systems. You can consider these forces in the design of elements and, where applicable, the design of frames and the larger structural system. Also, you can enforce the ductility requirements of the selected design code in element proportioning and detailing. In case of structural shear wall, the critical checks such as provision of boundary elements are automated.


With your designs complete, it is easy to gain critical insight into concrete design alternatives with comprehensive material takeoffs and cost estimation organized by material, size, and shape. Additionally, you can gain a better understanding of the overall construction by obtaining formwork area and cost estimates up front.


The main requirement from the design process is the production of project documents. With STAAD Advanced Concrete Design, you can produce comprehensive reinforcing drawings including automated reinforcing labels, dimensions, and notes, as well as reinforcing placing drawings, including sections, plans, and details from the 3D model. You can customize all drawings in terms of colors for various entities and text styles to adhere to your company’s standards and automatically update your drawings based on changes to the 3D model.

With the design checks complete, you can quickly produce detailed design drawings for beam line elevations, column line elevations, automatic cross section details, and bar termination geometry. You can create individual beam bar bending schedules, column schedule tables, and beam schedule tables.

Produce detailed bar bending schedules.
Redesign reinforcement quickly and simply.
Produce column capacity graphs.
“Seamless integration of STAAD.Pro and STAAD Advanced Concrete Design has completely turned around the detailed engineering of RCC structures, delivering automation, accuracy and consistency.”
Ajay Marathe
Lead Engineer, Civil & Structural, Toyo Engineering

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