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ArcGIS Public Account Creation Guide


An ArcGIS public account is a free account that is available for individuals to create and share content with limits on usage. Follow the steps below to create an ArcGIS public account using an ArcGIS login:

1. Go to: https://www.arcgis.com/sharing/rest/oauth2/signup?client_id=arcgisonline&redirect_uri=http://www.arcgis.com&response_type=token

2. Type your first name, last name, and email address. Retype your email address to confirm.

3. Read the ArcGIS Online terms of use and privacy policy. Check the boxes to agree to the terms and policy and click Next.

4. ArcGIS Online will send you an email with a link to continue the creation of your account.

5. Open the email and click the link provided, or copy it to your browser’s address bar and press Enter.

6. Provide a username that contains 6 to 128 alphanumeric characters. You can also use the following special characters: . (dot), _ (underscore), – (hyphen), and @ (at sign). Other special characters, nonalphanumeric characters, and spaces are not allowed. Your username cannot be the same as your password.

NOTE: The following characters are not allowed at the beginning or end of your username: . (dot), _(underscore), – (hyphen), and @ (at sign).

7. Provide a password that contains at least eight characters and at least one letter and one number. Your password is case sensitive. Your password cannot be the same as your username.

NOTE: Weak passwords won’t be accepted. A password is considered weak if it’s a commonly used password such as password1 or includes repetitive or sequential characters—for example, aaaabbbb or 1234abcd.

8. Retype your password to confirm.

9. Select a security question and type an answer. This information is used to verify your identity in the event you forget your password.

10. Click Create account.

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